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Like Hockley & O’Donnell Insurance Agency, we are an insurance agency committed to client service across personal and commercial lines of insurance. We also share a strong foundation of tradition and community ties—especially given ACNB Bank and ACNB Insurance Services are both subsidiaries of ACNB Corporation. These connections in Adams County will help us to serve you better in the years ahead.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us directly by calling 717.334.6741 (Gettysburg) or 800.289.4097 (Westminster) or via email at information@acnbinsurance.com.


What is the relationship between ACNB Insurance Services and Hockley & O’Donnell Insurance Agency?

Effective February 28, 2022, ACNB Insurance Services acquired all of the assets of Hockley & O’Donnell Insurance Agency, including all insurance business. This transaction was the result of a shared vision for the future and based upon the alignment in both geography and client commitment. 

Who is ACNB Insurance Services?

ACNB Insurance Services is a full-service commercial and personal lines insurance agency, with offices in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and Westminster, Germantown and Jarrettsville, Maryland. The agency was originally founded in 1978 as Russell Insurance Group, and was then purchased by ACNB Corporation in 2005. ACNB Corporation, headquartered in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, is the parent company for both ACNB Insurance Services and ACNB Bank. In January 2022, Russell Insurance Group changed its name to ACNB Insurance Services to reinforce the affiliation with ACNB Bank.

What is ACNB Insurance Service’s relationship to ACNB Bank?

ACNB Insurance Services and ACNB Bank are separate companies, but both are owned by ACNB Corporation. Both companies share a vision of being a leading financial and insurance services provider to consumers and businesses in our communities served by building relationships and finding solutions.

Will my insurance policy or coverage change?

No. Your insurance policies through Hockley & O’Donnell Insurance Agency will remain in effect, but will now be serviced by ACNB Insurance Services.  As always, at the time of renewal, we can help you look at options.

Who will I contact if I have a question or problem?

The agents and staff members from Hockley & O’Donnell Insurance Agency joined ACNB Insurance Services, and the Hockley & O’Donnell office will remain open. So, you can reach out to whoever you did in the past via phone, email, or in person.

Will the Hockley & O’Donnell Insurance Agency name be changing?

Yes. Eventually the Hockley & O’Donnell Insurance Agency name will be phased out. You will continue to see the name used for some period until the Hockley & O’Donnell Insurance Agency systems are converted to ACNB Insurance Services systems, and policies are renewed.

How do I pay my insurance premiums going forward?

The same way that you always have.  If you pay by check, please make the check payable to “Hockley & O’Donnell Insurance Agency “ until further notice.

Can I pay my insurance premiums at an office of ACNB Bank?

No.  While ACNB Bank and ACNB Insurance Services are affiliates, they are different companies and operate independently.

I am a Hockley & O’Donnell Financial Services client. Does this acquisition impact me?

No. Hockley & O’Donnell Financial Services and Hockley & O’Donnell Insurance Agency are separate entities, with Hockley & O’Donnell Financial Services providing investment services and employee benefits. ACNB Insurance Services did not acquire the business of Hockley & O’Donnell Financial Services.

“When my family and I started planning for the future, and we made the decision to partner and join forces with another entity, ACNB Corporation was the clear choice given the alignment in both geography and client commitment. We believe this is the right fit for our clients and team members in building on our past strengths and continuing to grow the agency business model.”

- Charles “Skip” Hockley, Hockley & O’Donnell

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